"It Tastes Like Christmas" cake

This recipe takes a few days, but it's WONDERFUL

It got it's name because when my sister took her first bite, she declared that it, indeed, tasted like Christmas.

2 boxes chocolate fudge cake mix, perpared per box directions (you have
to, scratch recipes don't come out right)
2 cups half-and-half
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 cup sugar
5-6 drops cinnamon oil
1 bag redhots, crushed
Red food coloring
1 bottle Magic Shell fudge
Special equipment:
Ice cream maker
Betty Crocker Bake n Fill pans
Pour prepared cake batter into Bake-n-Fill top and bottom and add
matching "insert" to create cavity in the top and bake per directions in
the pan booklet. (the dome and tall cake are cooked at different
When the cake has come out of the pans, clean the pans (being sure to
dry them completely) and line them with cling film. Then put the cooled
cake halves back in and place them in the freezer. Freeze till frozen
Normally, at this time I place the container to my icecream maker in the
freezer too and just leave them overnight.
Then make the icecream, combining all the ingreadiants in the ice cream
freezer till done. Scoop the still runny icecream into the frozen cake
cavity. While still inverted, place the bottom on, cover with
clingfilm, and freeze for several more hours till icecream has set and
top and bottom have joined (I usually do another overnight).
Now it's ready for serving. Remove from pan top and place on serving
platter. Drizzle Magic Shell over top, cut, and plate.
Serves 12