Exotic Ingrediants

I realize that I often have game meats, strange vegetables, and other ingrediants you might not be able to find in your normal, local supermarket.

The best place to find things, in my experiance, is to seek out the grocery stores where the sign is not in english.

For seafood, odd cuts of meat, and produce my favorite place is the Korean market. I can regularly find blood oranges, key limes, donut peaches, and every other type of produce any foodie could hope to find for his or her exotic recipes. And it's actually cheaper for me to find blood oranges there, than to go to the HighlySuburbanizedWhitePeople Store and by boring navel oranges.


Plus, the seafood section has fish I've never even heard of and is the only place I've ever been able to buy live blue crabs for under $2/lb. And they aren't even gravid females.

And the meat department....there is an in-house butcher who will sell you ANY part cut any way. I mean any. I've gone in to see a package marked "PORK BUNGS". No joke.

I won't even get into the spices, the noodles, the various flours, or the alcohol section. It's worth a peek if you can find yours. You may just need to search inside random storefronts with Asian characters in the signage.

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