Conejo con Cebolla (rabbit with onion)

I've had something by this same name in a tapas restaurant and this is my effort to copy it. I'm really really close tastewise. I think it may be wine, rather than beer, but I tried this before I found bottles of wine on sale for ten cents (I bought several dollars worth...looked like a whino, but I use it for cooking. Not drinking.) Meanwhile, we seem to always have beer, despite never actually buying any. And since neither my husband nor myself are beer drinkers...I use it to cook!

1 rabbit
1 large sweet onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 beer
1 6oz can tomato paste
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Put crockpot on high with olive oil. When ready to be sizzling, add garlic and onion. When translucent, add beer and tomato paste. When boiling, add rabbit. after a few min, turn to low. Cook till meat is falling off the bone.


Anonymous said...

I,m a Dutch guy born in Mallorca (Spain,my motheer is Spanish) and we make it as follows, (4 persons):
Bake the rabbit in a bit of mild olive oil (not the strong one that's for salasds), bake 8 large onions on very low heat untill onions are golden brown without oil,throw in 7 cloves of garlic and 2 bayleaves (sliced) when onions are allmost done (stir onions a lot so they don't burn), when onions and garlic are done put in some tomato puree and bake it for a minute to take out the acid,after put in some sherry,let the alcohol vaporise(always otherwise it becomes bitter), then add salt,pepper,roasted pine nuts,water,beef soup (bouillon),a little oregano and tyme maybe a little chili and let is simmer for 2 hours, make sure there is enough water so the whole is covered,the water will slowly vaporise and it will become a thick stew. I hope I was of good help ENJOY.

btw I used to be a chef (hope it makes you feel better about the receipe).

Becoming Mommy said...

Thanks! I don't feel bad at all, I knew this was one where I had it wrong (it tasted good, but it wasn't right).
I don't think the restaurant used all of those seasonings...couldn't see any herbs and there was def. no pinenuts, but your recipe does look good.

Becoming Mommy said...

having tried the recipe of the Anonymous poster as well as my own....

I still like mine better (it's moister) and mine is more like what I'd eaten elsewhere. Granted, not exactly the same, but closer.